Welcome to W Natural, a whole new organic world of all natural soaps. We are proud of our valuable traditional methods that help us in creating some of the best natural soaps for your skin. Only the organic ingredients are used in our soap making process. We use different miraculous ingredients including rosemary extracts, annatto seeds, alakanet roots, wheat grass and more.

Organic soaps can do wonders to the skin. This is the reason we make our soaps with natural processes, so that you get nothing but the best to treat yourself. W Natural soaps will leave the skin feeling nothing less than perfect, super clean, ultra moisturized, and experience fresh. We manufacture 100% chemical-free natural soaps. In simple words, a perfect blend of some fabulous organic ingredients including coconut, essential oils, shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, barley grass and more.

Our motive is to amplify the benefits to your skin. And, we do this by making soaps using unadulterated ingredients along with the natural oils for a thorough cleansing and moisturizing. We have a phenomenal assortment of products like Natural Australian Citrus Soap bar, Natural exotic spices soap bar, natural peppermint soap bar, natural lavender soap bar, a few other organic soaps to suit different needs of the customers.

Wondering why we use organic products? Well, the reason that it delivers so many advantages to the skin is what makes our products perfect for you. Not only it helps in reversing the effects of aging, but also help get new skin cells and improves skin condition without being harsh on the body.  Our enthusiastic workforce has been perfecting these recipes since 1995 and still delivering the high-quality products for our priceless customers.

Our Organic soaps can be used by everyone men or women of all ages. So, there are no more restrictions on who is using our products, as we make it for all.

Our handmade soaps are completely safe for all skin types. So, no more hesitation while choosing our natural soaps!.

We believe that the bathing ritual should be nourishing, safe, and something that makes your skin better. And, by choosing our castile soaps we tend to offer the exact same experience to all of our valuable customers. With every soap of ours, you are not just bathing but creating a clean, infection-free, and healthy canvas for a healthy body.

WNatural brings a whole new variety of organic soaps that will make your bath better, everyday. Bathing is no more just a bath, but an exotic experience that will freshen and smoothen up your entire mind and body. The aromatic ingredients in the soaps are enough to calm your stressed mind and body.

Come and have the pleasure to use all our organic and handmade soaps today to make your bathing experience a wonderful one.

Go ahead...experience fresh in every bath with our natural soaps!