Natural Soap

Natural Soap

What is our 100% natural soap made of? We tend to focus on what isn’t inside (pthalates, parabens, petrochemicals) when what is inside is the real headline-grabber - elements from nature have all of the superstar qualities we’re looking for.

Our chemical-free soap is 100% natural, sourced from nature alone. We blend pure organic ingredients like saponified oils of sunflower, safflower, coconut, and palm*, a custom blend of essential oils, rosemary leaf, and rosemary extract. Not only are the ingredients direct from nature, we also want them sourced as cleanly and ethically as possible, with the health of you and our environment always in mind.

Why do we use essential oils and herbal extracts like rosemary? A natural soap made from saponified carrier oils is cleansing and moisturizing, but we like to throw in a few additional pure ingredients to really amp up the benefits. Rosemary, while often found on spice racks in the kitchen, is an anti-aging hero. This evergreen herb is a stimulating, pain-relieving powerhouse in aromatherapy, and its addition to your 100% natural soap makes it part of the perfect formula to aid in soothing sore muscles and alleviating trouble waking in the morning.

But what about those anti-aging benefits? Like many other organic, pure ingredients we utilize, rosemary is antifungal, so it soothes and help heal wounds and skin conditions without irritating sensitive skin. Yet it’s also antioxidant, fighting off free radicals that contribute to aging. If you’re suffering from excess oil or you’re looking for a natural soap that tones the skin and well as cleansing it, rosemary does the trick. It penetrates the upper layers of skin to help regulate oil production, boost circulation, and go to work on skin damage that has already occurred. And if you suffer from dry skin that flakes, rosemary extract is well-known to work as a gentle exfoliant, clearing away buildup and leaving flawless results in its wake.

Meanwhile, the organic base oils used in our natural soap lock in the benefits of our extra pure additives and work to retain precious moisture. Everyone knows about the wonders of coconut oil, so we’re sure to include it, but oils like safflower and sunflower are never to be overlooked in our line of 100% natural soaps. They are well-tolerated by most skin types, and contribute even more antioxidant, antibacterial, skin-softening properties - because you can never have enough of those!

It’s also essential that your pure, natural products are cruelty-free. These quality products are never tested on animals. After all, why should they be? Our soap is chemical free, and the ingredients, which have been held sacred for thousands of years, have already withstood the test of time.

Your beauty ritual should be nourishing, safe, and give you the skin you’ve always desired. By first selecting an organic, 100% natural soap, you’re creating the clean, healthy canvas of great skin - all while remaining mindful about the vitality and longevity of our planet.