Why You Should Use Natural Soap


The word “natural” gets thrown around a lot lately. Some companies even abuse the word “natural” to market products that aren’t quite what customers were expecting.  They get away with this because you could reasonably assert that chemical elements are natural, because many of them are, in fact, naturally occurring. But when we use the word natural, we mean something just a little different.

We prefer to uphold the idea that “natural” is something vital; it’s something that comes from life. More specifically, nature.To us, a natural soap means that it comes from the same sacred plants that our ancestors used to not only beautify, but also cure. We believe that our natural soap is more than a household necessity or a means of getting clean. Our natural soap is therapeutic.

Organic fruit oils, plant extracts, and herbal essential oils that have been explored and put in safe use for centuries are included in our exclusive formulas as a nod to heritage, but also innovation. We pair up ingredients that we think will provide an experienceunique to our brand.


When it comes down to the basics, what makes our natural soap so much different? A lot of the soap you find in store aisles has coconut oil, antioxidants, essential oils, and other good things. The difference is that you won’t find those nutritious ingredients at the very bottom of our lists, but all over the list. Our soap is made up of nothing but the good stuff! Other major brands pad out their ingredients list with fillers that, frankly, you may want to completely avoid. Unfortunately, there are a lot that have become commonplace, but here are just a few chemicals we NEVER use, with a bit more on how we get the same benefits without the potential harmful side effects:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: A foaming agent that is thought to be a hormone disruptor and carcinogen. Very drying to skin, and especially dangerous because of its ability to penetrate skin. Our organic coconut oil has the molecular structure to penetrate skin, but from there it only shares its all-natural skin-repairing, moisturizing properties.


Triclosan: A pesticide used in commercial soaps as an antibacterial, but it is also an endocrine disruptor that is so abrasively bacterial that it has contributed to the evolution of bacteria that aren’t easily destroyed. Many of our organic base oils and essential oils are naturally antibacterial in healthy amounts that won’t overstrip your skin’s delicate balance.

Parabens: Highly controversial preservatives that have been studied for their possible link to breast cancer. It’s also suspected that they can negatively interfere with the nervous system after long-term use. We find that a bit of rosemary extract keeps our natural soap fresh without any nasty consequences (unless you happen to be allergic to a little rosemary).

So really, why should you use natural soap? You use it so you can actually enjoy something as routine as bathing without having to worry about what potentially insidious toxin has been slipped into a product that should be good for your skin. Use it so that you know you and your family will be safe from unknown ingredients that could cause a negative reaction like rash or irritation. And above all, use it because it works! Don’t be fooled; a little plant love is all you really need for gloriously clean, healthy skin.

Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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