Peppermint Soap - To Renew Your Skin

How do you feel in the morning? Could you use just a little more motivation to get going? If your skin is as tired as you are, our all-natural peppermint soap bar is just the ticket. It’s specially formulated for those who crave a revitalizing experience for their mind and body, and we’d love to share what’s inside.

Organic oils - All off the best soaps require a nutritious base. Certified organic oils of sunflower, safflower, coconut, and palm are put through a simple process where they’re combined with an alkaline solution. This method transforms our quality oils into a substance that lathers up to cleanse skin -soap!

In some cases, the glycerin is retained. Glycerin is scientifically proven to be a highly effective moisture-retainer, providing a barrier over skin that seals in moisture from water and our other quality ingredients, leaving behind skin that’s incredibly soft, never stripped.

Finally, a word about a word - organic. As these oils comprise the majority of the soap itself, taking the personal preferences and long-term health of our customers seriously is a high priority. By avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemical treatments, the oils we select for you go a step further in keeping you clean, supporting safer environments for the people who live and work around the areas where the plant sourced-oils are grown and made, and hopefully contributing to greater sustainability.

Wheat grass and barley grass - Wheat and barley grass are stellar sources of animo acids and age-fighting polyphenols, so they make a great addition to our all-natural peppermint soap bars. Yet using wheat and barley grasses is also a healthy way to add a pleasant color to our products. That means that we don’t resort to using synthetic dyes that irritate skin - because we strive to create great skin!

Essential oils of peppermint and peppermint leaf - Essential oils are crucial to excellent-quality products like our soap. Not only do their aromatherapeutic properties negate the need for artificial fragrance, they add extra benefits to every formula they meet. Cooling and astringent, peppermint is an unparalleled source of menthol. The fresh, minty aroma is great for mental clarity, while the oil itself provides a natural clean due to its antimicrobial properties. Perfect for hot days, flaky skin, or times when you’re feeling sluggish or unwell, natural soap with added peppermint oils renew and invigorate your body’s largest, most important organ - the skin.

Rosemary extract - Another herb that does the kind of work that ten lab-created additives couldn’t match up to on a good day. We feel that rosemary is the perfect partner to our peppermint, amplifying the wake-you-up scent that again, requires no cloying, artificial perfumes - just fresh, earthy goodness. Skin with bug bites, rashes, and other types of inflammation just love the cooling, toning effects that peppermint and rosemary provide together. Rosemary is also a necessity in your all-natural anti-aging arsenal; it encourages the kind of improved circulation and healthy cell turnover that results in rosy, younger-looking skin. Also a skin protectant, it wards off discoloration and damage from the sun and harsh environments.

Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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