Natural Soap Bar

natural soap bar

Soap has become something we take for granted. We need to use it every day - to care for our skin, to be clean, to prevent germs and illness. Yet, maybe because we wash it off, we don’t always think critically enough about the soap we’re using. For example, what’s actually in your soap, and is your soap natural? How does your skin really feel after you use it?

Soap containing laboratory chemicals or chemically-modified natural materials are being examined as a potential cause for cancer, hormonal disruptions, and other conditions. Choosing an natural soap with a short, understandable list of ingredients makes a bigger difference than you might think.

natural soap

Many store bought soaps contain so many toxic ingredients because they are cheap and easy for the companies to acquire in large quantities - that doesn’t exactly bode well for the consumer. When you choose natural bath soap, facial soaps, hand soaps, all-in-one liquid soaps - any of it - you are actually buying a product that has both your health and cosmetic concerns at heart. Buying natural also ensures that you are getting a fresher, higher-quality product. A drawback of regular soaps is that they are loaded with chemicals to extend their shelf life, so not only are you buying a cheaply-produced product that has been ridiculously marked up in price, there’s a good chance that it’s been sitting on the shelf for quite a while.

Another benefit natural soap carries over the usual suspects is that it is less likely to strip the skin. The natural oil your skin produces protects you from dryness, irritation, and aging, as well as holding in moisture. Regular bath and liquid soaps that contain sulfates and other foaming agents, dyes, alcohol-based fragrances, and synthetic preservatives actually end up drying out the skin, making it more susceptible to wrinkling, itchiness, and rough texture.

Irritated skin may also be due to a combination of the ingredients and the form - bar soap typically has a higher pH, and is more drying than quality liquid washes. If you’ve noticed that you need extra lotion to not feel scaly, and even that isn’t doing the trick, swapping out the old soap bar in your shower for some natural liquid soap, free of detergents, will make a huge difference. When your skin is in better shape, it will regain its ability to retain moisture from the bath or shower.

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If you have a tendency to speed down the aisle, knocking any old soap into your cart, it’s time to look again. Do not spoil your efforts at a cleaner, healthier lifestyle by underrating the importance of the quality of your soap. Many of us are committed to eating a clean diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Those are really broad efforts, but making small decisions about the health of your everyday products is just as important in the long term. So when it comes to a product that your whole body is exposed to regularly, start by going natural. One good natural soap can be the multipurpose miracle you need for an enhanced wellness routine.

Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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