Lavender Soap - Rejuvenates Skin

Inside every natural lavender soap bar are ingredients that have been valued for their healing properties since the dawn of man. Lavender has enjoyed a particular renown for its ability to relax you. Is it really possible that using a bar of soap could increase your sense of well being and soothe the soul?

Yes. Scientific research has proven lavender’s ability to reduce your blood pressure and lower your heart rate. So whether you’re overworked, dealing with insomnia, or simply want to make the most of your “me time” a natural lavender soap bar is just the thing you need for your bath. As the most common herb used in aromatherapy treatments targeting stress and anxiety, lavender has a positive impact on overtaxed nervous systems. Studies have shown that the mere scent of lavender can provide a sense of well being that actually improves focus while tensions melt away.

A good long soak with a natural, lavender soap bar has external  benefits too, and these focus on the largest organ you have - your skin. When warmer months bring mosquitoes and other critters around that bite, adding products that contain lavender to multiple steps in your skincare routine can help repel these bugs. While the scent of lavender is very delicate and attractive to us, it’s repulsive to them. Try a lavender-infused lotion or oil after your lavender soap, hang bunches of the dried herb around your home, or spritz yourself with a fine, high-quality mist made from organic lavender essential oil.

But if you’re already suffering from bug bites, rashes, or other uncomfortable skin issues, lavender can still help. Using a natural lavender soap bar during your bath or shower will reduce swelling and itching in a snap. Lavender is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it will calm any redness, prevent infection, and halt the spread of discomfort.


Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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