Exotic Spices Soap - Slow the Effect of Skin Ageing

In need of something truly indulgent? It’s okay to let go and get carried away by our Exotic Spices soap. The warm, mystical fragrance will relax and soothe your other senses while the natural oils and organic oats work on skin and muscle tension alike to smooth out any kinks, rough patches, or breakouts. This is the bar you’ll reach for when you really need to wash the day away.

We start off with organic oils of coconut, sunflower and glycerin-retained palm. This moisture-rich base penetrates and repairs the skin, making them the perfect carrier formula for the rest of our carefully selected herbs and essential oils. Gone are the days when using a bar of soap meant that you were losing precious moisture by stripping natural oils; our bars combine   strong, natural cleaning power with no reduction in hydration.

Clove bud and cassia essential oils make this bar of soap skin’s spicy savior. Not only does the aroma transport you to a time and place far more exotic than your bathtub, but it transforms your skin. Both clove and cassia, a relative of cinnamon, stimulate circulation, and increased blood flow to the skin means faster healing of any blemishes and a more even-toned appearance. Protective antioxidants? You’ll find plenty in this soap, which may even have a positive impact on your immune system. Even more satisfying are the immediate aromatherapy benefits, with the warmth and depth of the scent being ideal for busting up congestion and boosting self-confidence.

Though the spicy kick of clove and cassia bring the heat, both are scientifically proven to be powerful, natural anti-inflammatory agents, reducing swelling and redness. And if you prefer to get a scientific opinion on the efficacy of natural ingredients, the news gets even better. Essential oils like clove and cassia are antibacterial and antimicrobial, so pimple-causing bacteria are destroyed and washed away before they can work their way into pores.

Already have problem skin? Organic oats to the rescue. Since ancient Egyptian times, the humble oat has been revered for its skin-soothing properties. Skin with eczema, sunburn, bug bites, and rashes has long been healed by the enzymes and lipids found in oats. But because the original invention of soap sprung from our need to be and feel clean, oats also contain saponin, a mild cleanser that works much as our organic oils do; they get rid of dirt and environmental toxins without drying your skin.

To really “raise the bar”, as we put it, rosemary extract gives our bars of soap a little extra oomph in the area of spicy scent while supporting the toning and anti-aging effect of our other botanical ingredients.

As always, our soap contains absolutely no synthetic dyes, fragrances, triclosan, phthlates, or parabens. The majority of our ingredients are certified organic for your health as well as the good of our Earth, and all are sourced directly from the goodness and purity of nature. To cap off our commitment to kindness and quality, we never test our products on animals.

Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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