Citrus Soap Bar - Stands for Fabulous Skin

Zing! That’s one word you could use to describe our Australian Citrus soap bar. Everyone can enjoy the zesty wake-me-up fragrance, because it’s good for pretty much every skin type. While it will remind you of a piece of juicy, ripe citrus fruit, you definitely can’t eat it. However, scrubbing up with this fresh, exciting bar should be just as satisfying .

As always, we start our soap off with organic saponified oils of coconut, sunflower, and glycerin-retained palm. This special, plant-based blend makes our soap effective at getting skin clean, but also keeping it healthy and moisturized, never stripped. And because our ingredients are all-natural and never synthetic, there’s no strange residue; just clear, nourished skin.

This bar of soap features essential oils of orange, lavandin, and tangerine. Orange and tangerine essential oils offer your skin some of the same benefits the fresh fruit gives your body, most notably vitamin C. These oils are highly regarded as a prime way to brighten your complexion - everywhere. Acne scars, stretch marks, sun spots, and other visible blemishes are lightened over time with regular use of healthy, all-natural products containing vitamin C. Lavandin, a relative of lavender (which this soap also contains) also has cicatrisant properties, meaning it rounds out the trifecta of fine oils we’ve used in this bar that help fade any dark marks.

We put organic orange peel in our Australian Citrus soap for a number of reasons, but the most important reason is that we wanted to get as much zesty fruit fragrance in this bar as we could fit. Because we don’t use any synthetic dyes or perfumes in our products, orange peel helps provide the color and scent you’d expect from a quality citrus soap. Why shouldn’t it? There’s nothing better than the real thing.

Introducing organic annatto seed. This ancient superfood gives our soap even more natural pigment, eliminating the need for chemical dyes. It’s also packed with antioxidants, so while you erase the signs of damage and aging with citrus, annatto helps protect from future damage.

Prevention is just as important as correction in skincare, so to increase the protective antioxidant powers of this soap, we’ve added organic rose hips. Free radicals don’t stand a chance against organic rose hips when combined with our citrus essential oils. Also high in vitamin A, rose hips have been scientifically proven to help fade scars and soften fine lines. As if that wasn’t reason enough to include it, rose hips work with the rest of our ingredients to add even more moisture to parched skin.

Finally, we add a bit of our trusty friend rosemary extract, which supplies extra antioxidants (you can’t have too many) and acts as a natural preservative. Plants give us all we need for this refreshing, restorative toning soap.

Our Australian Citrus soap proves that you can have smooth, even, naturally fragranced skin without the toxicity found in many other commercial brands. We don’t stand for animal testing or harmful petrochemicals - we only stand for fabulous skin.


Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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