Homemade Coconut Hair Oil Recipes


Coconut oil is a rather universal product. It can be used by itself for different purposes as well as in combination with other healthy ingredients for improved benefits.

One of the simple hair treatment recipes is a coconut aloe vera conditioner. You will need to mix a cup of organic coconut oil, a teaspoon of glycerol, two tablespoons of aloe vera juice and the same amount of sunflower oil, eight drops of vanilla extract, and twelve drops of lavender oil.

This recipe can be effective for all hair types. If yours is dry, you should rub the conditioner into your strands when it’s moist. If you have normal or oily strands, put it on when they are clean. This is a leave-in conditioner. Apply it for overnight – just spread it along the hair shafts and let it do the work. After some time you will be able to make your own recipes depending on what is better for your hair type.

Sara Hall
Sara Hall


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