Buy natural bar soaps. our soaps conatins only organic and natural igredients. W natural best selling soaps are lavender, Citrus, Peppermint.

Skin Care

Citrus Soap Bar - Stands for Fabulous Skin

January 18, 2017

Zing! That’s one word you could use to describe our Australian Citrus soap bar. Everyone can enjoy the zesty wake-me-up fragrance, because it’s good for pretty much every skin type. While it will remind you of a piece of juicy, ripe citrus fruit, you definitely can’t eat it. However, scrubbing up with this fresh, exciting bar should be just as satisfying . As always, we start our soap off with organic saponified oils of coconut, sunflower, and glycerin-retained palm. This special, plant-based blend makes our soap effective at getting skin clean, but also keeping it healthy and moisturized, never stripped. And because our ingredients are all-natural and never synthetic, there’s no strange residue; just clear, nourished skin. This bar of...

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Why You Should Use Natural Soap

July 31, 2016

The word “natural” gets thrown around a lot lately. Some companies even abuse the word “natural” to market products that aren’t quite what customers were expecting.  They get away with this because you could reasonably assert that chemical elements are natural, because many of them are, in fact, naturally occurring. But when we use the word natural, we mean something just a little different. We prefer to uphold the idea that “natural” is something vital; it’s something that comes from life. More specifically, nature.To us, a natural soap means that it comes from the same sacred plants that our ancestors used to not only beautify, but also cure. We believe that our natural soap is more than a household necessity...

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Natural Soap Bar

June 23, 2016

Soap has become something we take for granted. We need to use it every day - to care for our skin, to be clean, to prevent germs and illness. Yet, maybe because we wash it off, we don’t always think critically enough about the soap we’re using. For example, what’s actually in your soap, and is your soap natural? How does your skin really feel after you use it? Soap containing laboratory chemicals or chemically-modified natural materials are being examined as a potential cause for cancer, hormonal disruptions, and other conditions. Choosing an natural soap with a short, understandable list of ingredients makes a bigger difference than you might think. Many store bought soaps contain so many toxic ingredients because...

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Is coconut oil good for you?

May 24, 2016

In order to decide whether or not coconut oil is good for you, we need to understand why it’s ever been deemed bad. Years ago, we learned about saturated fats and how they could be the cause of high cholesterol, leading to increased risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks. The same was said for many plant oils, including coconut, which is heavy in saturated fat.The idea that all saturated fats must be avoided is highly erroneous, because you must consider the source of that fat, how it was processed, and what other properties it has. It turns out that the outdated method of thinking that produced the idea of coconut oil being bad, only meant to judge hydrogenated coconut...

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Homemade Coconut Hair Oil Recipes

May 20, 2016

Coconut oil is a rather universal product. It can be used by itself for different purposes as well as in combination with other healthy ingredients for improved benefits.One of the simple hair treatment recipes is a coconut aloe vera conditioner. You will need to mix a cup of organic coconut oil, a teaspoon of glycerol, two tablespoons of aloe vera juice and the same amount of sunflower oil, eight drops of vanilla extract, and twelve drops of lavender oil. This recipe can be effective for all hair types. If yours is dry, you should rub the conditioner into your strands when it’s moist. If you have normal or oily strands, put it on when they are clean. This is a...

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