Buy natural bar soaps. our soaps conatins only organic and natural igredients. W natural best selling soaps are lavender, Citrus, Peppermint.

Skin Care

Peppermint Soap - To Renew Your Skin

February 13, 2017

How do you feel in the morning? Could you use just a little more motivation to get going? If your skin is as tired as you are, our all-natural peppermint soap bar is just the ticket. It’s specially formulated for those who crave a revitalizing experience for their mind and body, and we’d love to share what’s inside. Organic oils - All off the best soaps require a nutritious base. Certified organic oils of sunflower, safflower, coconut, and palm are put through a simple process where they’re combined with an alkaline solution. This method transforms our quality oils into a substance that lathers up to cleanse skin -soap! In some cases, the glycerin is retained. Glycerin is scientifically proven to...

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Lavender Soap - Rejuvenates Skin

February 08, 2017

Inside every natural lavender soap bar are ingredients that have been valued for their healing properties since the dawn of man. Lavender has enjoyed a particular renown for its ability to relax you. Is it really possible that using a bar of soap could increase your sense of well being and soothe the soul? Yes. Scientific research has proven lavender’s ability to reduce your blood pressure and lower your heart rate. So whether you’re overworked, dealing with insomnia, or simply want to make the most of your “me time” a natural lavender soap bar is just the thing you need for your bath. As the most common herb used in aromatherapy treatments targeting stress and anxiety, lavender has a positive...

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Exotic Spices Soap - Slow the Effect of Skin Ageing

January 30, 2017

In need of something truly indulgent? It’s okay to let go and get carried away by our Exotic Spices soap. The warm, mystical fragrance will relax and soothe your other senses while the natural oils and organic oats work on skin and muscle tension alike to smooth out any kinks, rough patches, or breakouts. This is the bar you’ll reach for when you really need to wash the day away. We start off with organic oils of coconut, sunflower and glycerin-retained palm. This moisture-rich base penetrates and repairs the skin, making them the perfect carrier formula for the rest of our carefully selected herbs and essential oils. Gone are the days when using a bar of soap meant that you...

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Citrus Soap Bar - Stands for Fabulous Skin

January 18, 2017

Zing! That’s one word you could use to describe our Australian Citrus soap bar. Everyone can enjoy the zesty wake-me-up fragrance, because it’s good for pretty much every skin type. While it will remind you of a piece of juicy, ripe citrus fruit, you definitely can’t eat it. However, scrubbing up with this fresh, exciting bar should be just as satisfying . As always, we start our soap off with organic saponified oils of coconut, sunflower, and glycerin-retained palm. This special, plant-based blend makes our soap effective at getting skin clean, but also keeping it healthy and moisturized, never stripped. And because our ingredients are all-natural and never synthetic, there’s no strange residue; just clear, nourished skin. This bar of...

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